Kickass Sales Funnels Designed to Qualify and Convert Your Best Prospects Into Repeat Buyers & Loyal Advocates For Your Business

Hey, Dan here. I'm a Direct-Response Copywriter & Strategic Marketing Consultant who specializes in crafting sales funnels (including E5 & ASK funnels) and irresistible copy for sales letters, VSLs, and email marketing.

I'm not taking on new clients right now. However, if you want to get in touch, you can reach me at

"I turned to Daniel for help on one particularly difficult campaign and he knocked it out of the park. He wrote a fantastic salesletter and my client was very pleased with the results.

Simply put: Daniel delivers."

Derek Johanson
Derek Johanson CopyHour

"Dan here is a smart dude, rock solid copywriter and has an excellent grasp of the Ask Method. He also understands the tech! (Rare combo)"

Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers Copy Chief

"In a short 45 minute Skype talk, Dan quickly got the whole picture, asked the smart questions and in his relaxed and sharp manner, solved my Avatars dilemma with an idea so easy to implement, a Chimpanzee could do it.

Two days ago, I ran a test Webinar for my list. 211 viewers watched the live broadcast, and 23 of them bought my back-end 780$ digital product - 11% conversion and 17,960$ in one evening.

Ludgater you Aussie rebel, thanks for helping me build my online Kingdom"

Idan Waller
Idan Waller Cobra Marketing